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Freshly digitized archive records

The Swiss Economic Archives (SWA) are digitizing selected holdings. Interesting documents are now accessible online on the e-manuscripta platform. Here are some highlights.

Extensive sources on the history of banking in the 19th century are available online in the form of various large-format account books and letter copy books from the Firmenarchiv Passavant & Cie, company archives (SWA HS 351).

The company archives Spar- und Leihkasse Bremgarten (SWA HS 234), which has now been almost completely digitised, bears witness to a banking crisis and speculation affair in 1913. The Savings and Loan Bank was located in Bremgarten, in the canton of Argovia.

Various archives from the Streckeisen family allow research into the history of a Basel family and its business activities:

Personal archives Streckeisen-Schaub, Mathias (SWA HS 348)

Personal archives Streckeisen-Caesar, Emanuel (SWA HS 349)

Archives of the family Streckeisen-Caesar und Verwandte (SWA HS 350)

The company archives Neue Birstaler Portland-Cement-Fabrik AG (SWA HS 329), which is small in size but well rounded, has never been analysed and is suitable for studies on the cement and construction industry, including the construction of a dam on the Grimsel.

The first photos of the company archives Suter + Suter AG, Architekten (SWA PA 510) are now available. The architectural photos show buildings for Ciba-Geigy, but also the Lonza high-rise and the post office building in Basel.

As part of the Basel University Library's ink corrosion project, holdings from the SWA are also being digitized and processed. As the first results of this project, business letters from the company archives Forcart-Weis & Söhne (Württembergerhof) (SWA HS 258) (textile industry) are now going live; we are currently in the year 1820.

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